From Móra to Miravet

Best kayak tour at river Ebro. No doubt it has become our most requested tour. The splendid arrival at the beautiful Miravet with its templar Miravet castle in the background is one of …

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From Flix to Vinebre

Where “Free Ebre” begins. We call it “Free Ebre” as it is the first point where Ebro river flows without finding any dam or reservoir till the Mediterranean Sea. The current of …

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From Miravet to Benifallet

A magnificent landscape. This tour, just like the one from Móra to Miravet, are the most touristic tours and it is due to something… If you come in the harshest of summer …

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Wine and kayak

Wine en kayak

Wine tasting and kayak tour. We will combine a wine tasting and a visit to the Suñer wineries with a gentle descent by kayak or canoe on the Ebro between the villages of …

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Flix Meander

Meandro de Flix

Kayak at the Ebro Meander. Some say that since the Ebro river is born in Santander to the sea, there is a village that the river itself chose to calm down and …

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Buda Island and Ebro’s Mouth

Delta del Ebro : Isla de Buda

Paddling at Ebro’s mouth This tour is just available for 8 people groups or larger. Spectacular kayaking tour can consist of a simple paddling from South Canal until the Ebro or maybe …

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From Fraga to Mequinenza

De Fraga a la Granja o Mequinenza

Descent of river Cinca From Fraga to Granja or Mequinenza We start from Fraga, in the province of Huesca. Our kayaks thought exclusively for this river Cinca, so that whitewater could be close …

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Ebro canoeing descent by stages

Ebro canoeing descent by stages. We suggest you to complete the Palas de Sirga tour, one of the best adventures that can be enjoyed by kayak or canoe. This is the descent …

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From Xerta to Tortosa

De Xerta a Tortosa

Canoeing at 5 islands tour Very funny kayaking tour where we will spend time very fast. There are several spots on the river with different current speed; different islands and stop points, but …

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From Vinebre to Móra

De Vinebre a Móra

The first tour at river Ebro. Really one of the most beautiful kayak outings on the Ebro, a beautiful descent from the Ebro. The upper part of the catalan Ebro hides amazing …

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From Garcia to Benissanet

De Garcia a Benissanet

Canoeing at best Ebro islands A wonderful Ebro, calm and truly amazing. Beyond the narrow gorge of the “Pas de l’Ase”, the Ebro river basin is now entering Mora and widens forming …

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From Benifallet to Xerta

De Benifallet a Xerta

Reaching the weir The Ebro has left behind Barrufemes Gorge and continues its tortuous journey to the sea, now more calm in a sensational place. We will see a really wide Ebro …

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From Tortosa to Amposta

De Tortosa a Amposta

Paddling between the Ebro main towns We find a calm Ebro, at a stage where we need a physically fit to be comfortable in the kayak. There are other sections of landscape …

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Whitewater from Zaidín to Fraga

De Zaidín a Fraga

Wild Cinca river Kayaking in the low river Cinca is surprising and fascinating because of its hidden corners. Enjoy the best whitewater by canoe. Rapids, islands, forest, even otters! The startpoint is usually Zaidín …

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Sunken village of Faió

Pueblo hundido de Fayón

The inhospitable river Ebro The construction in 1967 of the dam in Ribarroja had the consequence that villages of  Mequinenza and Fayón would be flooded under water.  Leaving the river Matarraña we have the …

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