From Fraga to Mequinenza


    Descent of river Cinca

    From Fraga to Granja or Mequinenza

    We start from Fraga, in the province of Huesca. Our kayaks thought exclusively for this river Cinca, so that whitewater could be close to all public. Who would have thought that so close to the Monegros desert, river Cinca could provide us with a unique experience?

    During our tour, literally descend on the administrative border between Aragon and Catalonia for about 2h45′ o 3 hours 15′

    This is a technical tour. Although low difficulty, it is whitewater. We use open canoes, but also you can ask for closed canoes.

    As in all other routes, it includes initial briefing  explaining the route and above technical and security.

    Actually, it is very difficult to find anyone else in the river Cinca and in general, if you choose this option, you will have a day where the enjoyment of silence is combined in the calm stretches, adrenaline flows and leaps that we will find and as the nature so close with his lush riparian forest.

    In fact, the arrival is in the “Aiguabarreig” point where the Segre and Cinca rivers join, and both reach the Ebro. Special area rich in birds and fishing.

    The route is plenty of  small jumps and turns that make it fun and friendly but everyone will test our skill.

    The village of Torrente de Cinca this halfway, and his grass “beach” is good place to stop and have a rest of the emotions of the route or eat something.

    Even if desire can go on paddling after the arrival about 50min. more to Mequinenza,  Usually, we finish on the left bank, in the catalan Granja d’Escarp, because it is also the end of the stretch of whitewater.

    Estimated length:

    2h45′ to 3h15′ depending on the pace and the river flow.

    The best from our canoe:

    • Under the highway bridge, after some quick fun.
    • Big jump. Just about 0’80 m, but it is able to make us to capsize, but any more danger.
    • Different little islands where chosing right or left is an adventure.
    • Sidestream points where your paddling skills maybe save you to get wet.
    • View from your canoe of Mequinenza Castle in Torrente de Cinca.
    • Area of natural interest and birdwatching in the Aiguabarreig. We could see wild swans, besides different types of waders or Kingfisher …
    • Villages of Granja d’Escarp and Massalcoreig, well-known by its fruit trees.


    • Until 6 peop.:  29 €; 
    • Until 16 peop: 25 € 
    • Until 29 peop: 23 €
    • More than 29 peop: 22 €


    • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
    • Choice of single kayaks , double or triple.
    • Vests and paddles.
    • Expert guides accompanying throughout the route.
    • Transportation back to the starting point .
    • Insurance and permits to operate.