Ebro canoeing descent by stages

De Miravet a Benifallet
De Xerta a Tortosa
Delta del Ebro : Isla de Buda
De Garcia a Benissanet

Ebro canoeing descent by stages.

We suggest you to complete the Palas de Sirga tour, one of the best adventures that can be enjoyed by kayak or canoe. This is the descent of the Catalan stretch of the Ebro river to the Mediterranean Sea.

You can complete your Palas de Sirga with different custom route plans.

Accommodation option: Every night you arrive at a different B&B or hostel, which we have previously booked for you coinciding with your route plan. You will also be assigned a point to store the kayaks overnight and retrieve them the next day.

Free camping option: It consists on overnight near the blank, in a safe place recommended by us. This camp will be entirely by your means. There are no services of any kind. The kayaks remain next to where you sleep. This system allows you much more flexibility in the route plan and is obviously cheaper. Every about 2 hours of navigation, you have a village in which to stock up, so it is not necessary, to carry too much food in the kayak.

Mixed option: Combine free overnight stays and days with accommodation.

Some examples:

  • 4 days classic. From Flix to the sea. Runs all over the Ebro free. Stages approx. of 6 hours and last day of 4 hours.
  • 4 days light. From Flix to Tortosa or Amposta. Trough the most beautiful part. Daily stages approx. 4 hours.
  • 3 days light. From Vinebre to Tortosa. Through the most beautiful part. 2 days from 4-5 h and the last 2h30 ‘.
  • 3 days express. From Flix to the sea. Runs all over the “free Ebro”. Daily stages approx. 7 hours.
  • 2 + 2. From Flix to the sea in 2 weekends.
  • 5 days. Option to add a 5th day to the journey leaving from Pobla de Massaluca, from Riba-roja or adding the Buda Island at the end.
  • 6 to 7 days. Leaving from Mequinenza to the sea.

There are in fact several  options. We design these plans adapting to your characteristics and desires. Depending on your fit, route philosophy or if you want to get to the sea or not. Just enquire us with no commitment.

Distances in km are NOT a good reference, since the current of the river influences too much. Hours calculated at a smooth pace, with low flow and in stable weather conditions.


  • Material rental:
    • type of kayak to choose, paddle, vest, skirt, waterproof bin per group, maps.
    • € 20 pers / day.
    • Routes upper than 4 days: € 19 / pers / day.
    • 4-day routes with more than 5 people: € 19 / pers / day.
    • 2-day routes: € 25 pers / day
  • Accommodation reservation service and kayak night storing:
    • 5 nights: € 80 / group.
    • 4 nights: € 75 / group.
    • 3 nights: € 60 / group.
    • 2 nights: € 40 / group.
  • Kayaks and people collection service.
    • € 110 / group in Riumar
    • € 90 / group in Deltebre
    • € 80 / group in Amposta
    • € 75 / group in Tortosa
  • Palas de Sirga Accreditation Diploma: € 1