Slow down, look for yourself and shot !

Archery develops in us not only important psychological factors, but also physical. After playing archery some times, this sport deepens inside us and we take it as a way of personal therapy.

You have to try it ! And you can check that the more you understand how does it work, the more you “hook” to this sport. Try a healthy, dynamic and entertaining activity.

Pay attention in one thing: Lots of precision sports, requires a physical movement where every action is different depending on the game itself, so that in golf, for instance, depending on the distances you hit stronger or not.

But that is not the way in our lovely archery.  The target is always at the same place, so do you, always with a identical arrow, and always the same strenght, always your same eyes…. The difference among the shots is only in your brain….

That’s the reason we say that shoting is such a  looking for yourself and learning in life:
  • Recognize what was wrong in the last arrow.
  • Why you had such a mistake ?
  • What do I have to do to help it ?
  • What was so good to hit the yellow target ?
  • Let’s concentrate to do what exactly I want to do ….

Archery is an ideal activity to practice in family, because the age ranges and physical differences are not important here.

Also, this activity is usually included at the big gymkhanas we organize or even in orienteering races. Just remember to control your stress !.

A good choice is combine canoeing or biking with archery. You will enjoy shotting in a pleasant landscape.


  • 2 to 5 pers: 60 eur in total;
  • 6 to 10 pers: 80 eur in total;
  • 11 to 20 pers: 130 eur in total;
  • More than  20 pers: 155 eur in total.
  • Complementing other activity: From 3 €