From Vinebre to Móra


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The first tour

Truly one of the nicest options to do SUP Padel Surf on the Ebro. The top of the Catalan Ebro hides surprising places. The low number of visitors on this stretch of river, makes you enjoy a great natural environment that crosses the gorge of Pas de l’Ase.

We call it the “first route” since taking a first contact with this majestic river Ebro, people try to come back and do more consecutive routes, so that someday they reach the sea, maybe trough annual stages or maybe a 3 or 4 days tour. And this is practically the north unobstructed first tour.

Since we left Vinebre to Mora (central plains of the region), we see a Ebro with all its power and glory. Depending on your flow on the day of our route, will be a quiet river that we cherished in either a wild river that enters between the stone walls of the Pas de l’Ase.

It is noteworthy that, if flow permits, the islands of this tour is ideal: some of them are small and hidden before the Pas de l’Ase, the other why having no vegetation allow us to have lunch in the middle of the river. The cars they see us from the road, maybe whistle us due to the envy of our location.

And among the islands, the island of Subarreig is perhaps one of the best in the Ebro to be accessed by SUP Padel Surf. It’s a really amazing corner of Catalunya that is well worth …

We begin our SUP Padel Surf on  Vinebre’s dock located near the town of the same name and well enabled.

Estimated length:

2h to 2h 30′ depending on the pace and the river flow.

The best from our SUP Padel Surf:

  • Island Pas de l’ Ase and Mirador island. Both small but nice to enter.
  • Gorge Pas de l’ Ase . Vertical rock walls falling on the Ebro .
  • Senyera Island.: With low river flow, great to relax, have breakfast , bathing or group photo.
  • Village of Garcia. Great point to stop, and in summer have a drink or a bath in its pool.
  • Garcia ferryboat. Recently rebuilt. It crosses the river.
  • River Siurana’s Mouth, lush vegetation zone .
  • Railroad bridge
  • Subarreig Island . Just lovely for birdwatching and get surprised by this region.
  • Villages of Móra d’Ebre on your right and Móra la Nova on your left.


25 € / person


  • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
  • Vests and paddles.
  • Transportation back to the starting point .
  • Insurance.
  • And an amazing experience suitable for all

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