Flix Ebro Meander

The embrace of the Ebro river

Some say that since the Ebro is born in Santander to the Sea, there is a village  that the river itself chose to be quiet and contemplate slowly. The spectacular  Flix meander of 5 km “embraces” Flix  and is ideal for those starting out in the SUP Padel Surf in a beautiful natural road route.

The Flix Meander is the most spectacular in the Ebro river as pronounced curve describes the “flixancos” talk about the “The upper and the lower river”. It is at the narrowest part where the village is located and where was the old old castle, already documented in time of the Saracens, and had a very prominent role in all wars for its strategic location and its reputation.

Unfortunately, in that castle few traces remain, but are to emphasize the remains of the seventeenth century defensive system, visible from our  SUP Padel Surf.

The Flix dam (1948) has made that the meander usually has a low flow, because water is mainly diverted to a hydroelectric plant. For us, we will go by  SUP Padel Surf, it will be great because it leaves a stretch of less than 5 km. calm water ideal for our trip. In fact, it is likely that we find the Nautic Club Flix rowers, tradition in rowing with llaüt (traditional boat), which uses this privileged area as a training area.

The Flix meander is part of the Natural Wildlife Reserve Sebes and Flix Meander area. Sebes area is located upstream of the dam and has a museum  about the “Cami de Sirga”, several lookouts for bird watching, an Iberian settlement in excavation and two flagship projects to reintroduce the white stork and grazing horses of the Camargue. Riverfront, a generator of life, human activity comes from immemorial time and along the meander, there are many interesting historical elements besides natural ones.

Right in the middle of the Meander, it is worth a visit a rural resort with 4 star hotel, hostel and even cottages with access to the river and environmentally friendly: Vilar Riu de Baix.

Duration: For free. 5 h maximum. Ask for information.

The best from our SUP Padel Surf:

  • Old ferry boat: In the catalan Ebro, there are only two old ferry boats remaining: the one in Miravet and this one.
  • Last days of the Battle of the Ebro during the spanish Civil war: During this battle, an iron bridge was built and destroyed several times. The thing is that the last bombing of that bridge is considered the end of this bloody war.
  • “New Castle”: Interesting during the “carlinas” wars. It worths a visit.
  • Island Pas de l’ Ase and Mirador island. Both small but nice to enter.
  • Rocks. Several places to have a swim at the Ebro river and jump from the rocks.
  • Hotel and hostel: Vilar Riu de Baix
  • Iberic settlement: dated IX B.C.
  • Little chanel plenty of vegetation.
  • Recreative and forest area “Los Xops”.
  • Meander Path. There is the possibility to walk around the meander by foot or by bike.
  • Jetty. Club Nautic Flix. You can visit the village. You can buy the olive oil, fruit or enjoy walking through the bars in Catalunya Avenue.


17 €  per surfboard . Maximum 5 hours.


  • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
  • Vests and paddles.
  • Graduate and expert guides in the initial briefing.
  • Insurance and permits to operate.
  • And an amazing experience suitable for all