Run, think and get full of nature

    Orienteering games or races are ideal  to really know an area. If you do not want the “noise” of a hiking trail, if you want to test yourself with the help of map and compass, this is your choice.

    The orienteering games are basically find a number of points (beacons) hiding in a natural area previously marked on a map. Players must find them using a map and compass.

    Our main characteristic is that we adapt to your level in difficulty depending on whether or not you have previous experience. Also, you can select the area to play. 

    The area we most recommend because of its urban and natural features is Tivissa (Tarragona).

    Some FAQ’S

    But I have never used a compass! We usually raise tours where the compass is not essential. What is important is knowing how to interpret a map. Before starting, the guide gives a briefing regarding the use of the compass and the interpretation of a map.

    But it is also fun in school games exclusively with compass. They are really training and enhance learner autonomy. It is very similar to the gymkhana usual activity, but learning management compass or map.

    What if I do not like running? A very fun experience are the bike orienteering or kayaking on the Ebro. Enquire about this option. And yet another possibility is that one must look combined running, cycling and kayaking and overcome a point of archery. As a “raid” in a very affordable adventure.

    But is it a race? The ideal is to have a competitive format, but is not compulsory. It can be simply stated as the game to find a number of items hidden in natural surroundings and get it in small groups, as a classical gymkhana.

    Will I be alone? Depending on the number of components of your group you can practice  in couples, or even groups of 4 or 5. It can also be individually although we usually do not recommend.

    What if I get lost? The ratio of our mguides is always depending on the number of participants whether to help you. The area is limited enough to help  anyone get lost .

    How long? As we have said we adapt to you. We can set up a tour that can be done in just 40 minutes or up to 4 or 5 hours. Rogles gives you an estimated and depending on your pace length and / or expertise will be shorter or longer.

    What is night orienteering? Orienteering games when it’s dark. You will need a flashlight.

    What’s this about geocaching? This is the orientation using a GPS device as a tool. Normally, instead of beacons have to find some “treasures” and is usually done as an incentive hiking. Currently we offer only for groups that you bring your own GPS (one for every 2 or 3 is enough).