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    Jackson // RIVIERA

    Tipe: open kayak
    Purchasing year: 2010
    Colours available: yellow, red and dark green.
    Length: 347 cm
    Wide: 76.2 cm
    Weight: 20’5 kg
    Price used: 199 euros
    Price new: 560 euros

    It is the most revolutionary kayak because its comfort. Its high backseat is integrated into the boat and the exact inclination you need for paddling. No maintenance required.

    It has also a good directionality. Very versatile kayak for fishing, walking trails and even medium tours. For people of all sizes.

    It has a small watertight hatch. Up to 4 handles for transportation; Rear luggage space for fridge or whatever you want; important the back piece replaceable if you don’t have who to drag with. The Riviera is a real surprise.

    11 units left.


    Rainbow // OASIS FAMILY

    Tipe: double closed kayak
    Purchasing year: 2008
    Colours available: light blue
    Length: 490 cm
    Wide: 67 cm
    Weight: 29 kg. Volum: 440 litr
    Cockpit: 86×48 cm
    Price used: 490 euros.
    Price new: 990 eur.

    Very similar to the related single kayak. It gathers the same features but in a doublé kayak. We highlight its directionality, ideal for canoe trips on company as a beginners in this exciting world. When measuring a little less than 5 meters also provides good maneuverability despite being a double. Perfect for the sea; calm waters and the Ebro river in particular.

    Ideal for long tours. It consists of one wide cargo hatch, bungee, anatomical seat, footbraces, and handle loops.

    PRICE: 490 euros. ‘Just 1 unit left !!. Light blue. This only model has a little scratch at the stern. No problems for navigation.


    Rotomod // OCEAN4

    Tipe: Sit-on-top kayak
    Purchasing year: 2010
    Colours available: light blue
    Length: 412 cm
    Wide: 90 cm
    Weight: 34 kg
    Volum: 260 litres
    Price: 550 euros.
    PVP new: 839 euros.

    That’s the kayak for the family. Double sit-on-top kayak with two more seats for two childs or even a third adult. Ideal for light trips in couple or family. Using the removable seats, it gets a great comfort.

    Open kayaks are ideal for beginners, no maintenance required. It is a robust but manageable at the same time.

    We highlight the handle loops integrated at the canoe. Removable backseats are included.

    6 units left.