We are

‘Rogles’, in the Ebro slang means little space, little corner

And that’s what we re, a small place in the river Ebro in an unusual land, surrounded in wild nature and (still) little touristic area.

And we aspire to become in your little disconnecting place, with fun and emotions where you will enjoy pure nature and river Ebro.


We love showing you the real ‘Terres de l’Ebre’ ; the land of the catalan Ebro river.

We will try to transmit you this passion so that your experience with Rogles Aventura in Terres de l’Ebre becomes unforgettable.

We are qualified guides and instructors with experience in adventure sports and tourism, committed to the territory of the “Ebre Land” and knowledgeable of the area that we want to discover.


Irene is a technique of level 1 canoeing. An enthusiast of adventure sports and active tourism. It will be a guarantee of fun while you are paddling, on foot, by bike or if she teaches you archery, because its vitality is commendable. Irene is not only the soul of the company; It is from whom the Rogles Aventura project was born, with her enthusiasm, tenacity and, mainly, love for nature and sport.


Degree in Physical education and experienced in adventure sports and tourism. He’s from Flix and knows this land well, ancient customs, mores and legends. 
Physical education teacher and long experience in athletics. He is the other soul in Rogles, and certainly he will help you to discover the ‘Rogles’ (hidden places) at this land.


Arnau Rogles

Arnau is a technician in Animation of Physical Activities. He combines his studies in the degree in Physical Activity Sciences with monitoring in the Ebro. He is from Flix and although young, he is well acquainted with the region, the river and with many km already completed at the river Ebro.


Roger is a technician in Animation of physical activities. He also is official canoeing technician. He combines his studies at the Science of Physical Activity University with monitoring in the Ebro. He is from Flix (Ribera d’Ebre) he is well versed in this region and its traditions. Is our reference guide !.


Tamara is a technician in Physical Activity Animation and also official canoeing technician. He is still  studying about outdoor activities. Passionate about the mountains and also the river Ebro. She is young, born in Flix, a good connoisseur of the region and a guarantee of having a good time and safe if you have Tamara as your guide.


Óscar is from Móra la Nova. He loves all activities in nature and is a technical guide in the natural environment. Living next to the Ebro river has made the world of kayaking and canoeing one of his passions. Nowadays is currently studying related to sport. One of our youngest guides and plenty of vitality.


Enric is Technician in Animation of physical activities.
A specialist and passionate about the bicycle and cycling. Currently studying Sciences and Technologies applied to Sports.
Born in Flix and although young, a good connoisseur of the region, the river and also with many kilometers behind him.


From dutch origin, He also speaks Spanish, English and understands Catalan. Expert in canyoning and vias ferratas with the corresponding international degree. Jeroen is now an Ebro-citizen more, since these lands captivated him enough to live now in Ginestar  and settle to the blank of the river Ebro. He immediately will transmit you its vitality. By the way he is also a guide and expert in fishing!

Oscar "Tobi"

Oscar is from Flix. “Tobi” for friends. Senior Technician in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities. Our latest addition to the team and with all the energy that this implies. He loves sports and activities on the Ebro River. He continues with his studies in sports.


Jordi holds a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Experienced climber, mountain ultrafondo racer and adventure raids. It is what is technically called a machine. But the best thing is that if you take him by the ferrata routes of Montblanc, Rojals or Vilaplana you have the guarantee that he is from l’Espluga de Francolí and a great connoisseur of the area.

Jordi Rodri

Jordi is another monitor born in the village with the awesome river Meander: Flix.
Passionate about sports, an expert on the Ebro river and, above all, in charge of the logistics at Rogles Aventura. Sometimes with our vehicles, sometimes at the preparation of thee it prior to kayaking or cycling. Guarantee of having a good time if it goes with you as a monitor.


And as we do not usually do circular tours, but our way are line crossings, it is always necessary, someone who takes us back to the starting point. Either going up the river by road or at the Green Way. Also the transport of the material and logistics are basic points. And that is usually in charge of Sergio. Our expert driver and maintenance.


He’s from Móra la Nova.  Group driving technician in the natural environment and also Technician in Animation of Physical Activities. You will find it on our bike or kayak tours.

He also plays rowing in ancient traditional Ebro wooden boats. Ask him about it.

Roger "Juanpe"

Our “other” Roger is also a senior technician in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities. An active sportsman, Roger is from Falset and is in love with the Priorat and the Ebro counties, where you will find him as a kayak guide. You can ask him what you want if you are interested in the world of wine !, as he is now studying oenology!