From Móra to Miravet


    The tour fuller

    No doubt it is becoming our most requested tour. The main reasons are the arrival to the beautiful village of Miravet with its Templar castle in the background; and the fact that the further north, the more strength of the river current so we sail more miles with less effort.
    We say it is the most complete as it offers a bit of everything, landscape, enough  river flow; best tour to watch the old wooden ferryboat in Miravet, still in operation is the only one that works with no electricity.

    In this stretch, the river Ebro, seems to have a rest, after the previous gorge “Pas de l’Ase” and next one “Pas de Barrufemes”.
    The river takes us slowly down, so that we can enjoy the riparian vegetation, especially in the islands of Galatxo and Xano.

    Besides the names of trees and different species of birds, sure we will learn which are the sorts or sortetes; what “aubergins” are; which points selected the Iberians to live 25 centuries ago; stories of the Battle of the Ebro in the Spanish Civil War and of course our guides inform you of where to eat, what to visit, where to relax, or local customs.

    So this stretch goes far from the road, and it makes this makes it particularly quiet and magical for the SUP Padel Surf tours.

    Estimated length:

    2h to 2h 30′ depending on the pace and the river flow.

    The best from our SUP Padel Surf:

    • Arabic castle (XII C) in Móra d’Ebre remainings.
    • Historic arched bridge in Móra d’Ebre, reconstructed after the Spanish Civil War.
    • Galatxo Island. Good for birdwatching and to see fishes due to the shallowness of this place. 
    • Xano Island: Not always we will be able to come in, but the shore is fully green wooded.
    • Lo Molló. At the foot of the Tivissa hill, we will appreciate the most important iberic settlement in the Ebro: “Lo castellet de Banyoles”. We will see what it was a natural harbour for iberics.  
    • Villages of  Ginestar and Benissanet in boths shores of the river. Known for the sweet fruits (peaches, cherries…) 
    • Miravet islands and old wooden ferryboat, the only one wich works with no electricity: just the river.  
    • Tamarisk island. Real biotope, plenty of different  tamarisk species .
    • Village of  Miravet and templar castle in the background.


    25€ each SUP.
    Discount on linked tours. Other rates


    • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
    • Vests and paddles.
    • Transportation back to the starting point .
    • Insurances.
    • And an amazing experience suitable for all