River descent by stages

Travesías en kayak por etapas


    Whole day proposal:

    We suggest you two different tours at the Ebro river: 
    Between Vinebre and Miravet or between Móra and Benifallet. Also going further south it is possible between Miravet and Tortosa. Depending on the time of the season or your preferences, we would advise you. Returning trip is always included.
    Prices 30€ in high season and € 25 in low. Usually it is a non-guided tour in spite of briefing and maps and all information is included.
    Important discount from 10 people on.
    Another chance in white waters is at the Cinca river:  We suggest you from Saidí to Granja d’Escarp (having lunch at Fraga). Only available from 6 people. Prices: 28 €. Important discount from 18 people on.
    Proposal for 2 days:
    No doubt at the Ebro river: The tour from Vinebre to Xerta or to Tortosa, depending on your strengths and flow of the river. This is the best tour and you would have the chance to stop at the beautiful village of Miravet. Ask us about accomodation services and kayaks storage. 
    Prices: 20 eur/day/person. 
    Proposal for 4 days:
    Without a doubt, you have to enjoy the legendary “Pales de sirga“.  It includes:
    River Ebro descent usually from Flix to the Mediterranean Sea. Several kayak models to choose, briefing, maps, insurances, night kayak storage, Booking of accomodation and collecting service once you finish the last day.
    Enjoy the silence, the nature and the thrill of achieving a challenge by landing in the saltwater delta beaches.
    Price: € 19 /day/pers. Collecting service  100€ (all the group) Booking and storage 60€/group
    TAKE A LOOK TO OTHER TOURS IN 3 DAYS OR MORE THAN 4 DAYS in the Ebro River at www.descensodelebro.com