Whitewater from Zaidín to Fraga


    Wild Cinca river

    Kayaking in the low river Cinca is surprising and fascinating because of its hidden corners. Enjoy the best whitewater by canoe. Rapids, islands, forest, even otters!

    The startpoint is usually Zaidín (Aragón). From this point we will not see any other people more from the river. The reason is that the villages in the Cinca are a bit far from the river because of the floods. But the main reason is the lush riparian vegetation rising on the banks of this beautiful Cinca you will discover by paddling.

    If you regularly have to attend to the briefing before you leave, if you have chosen this tour, now you have to put your 5 senses, to help capsizing too much.

    But do not panic: the peaceful and long backwaters of the Cinca are more common than the “brave” points. The curves of the river and the flood changes, makes that the river is never the same, so we must “read the river.”

    This is a technical trip. Although it is of medium difficulty, it is whitewater. We use open canoes, although you can also choose closed ones.

    This route allows the variant to start in the pretty village of Ballobar (Aragón) (right bank tributary of the river Alcanadre and Cinca). Ask us about this longer version.

    Actually, it is very difficult to find anyone else in the river and in general, if you choose this option, you will have a day where the enjoyment of silence merges into the backwaters, the adrenaline flows and leaps that we will find and of course, nature so close with its lush riparian forest.

    The arrival in Fraga is surprising when finding the bustle of a city after soaked nature and silence of this day.

    Sure to be hard to forget, and that you will have done a descent of river Cinca surprising that few have experienced.

    Just ask us for the Descent of Cinca in 2 days (Ballobar – Mequinenza) including a full board.

    Estimated length:

    2h 20′ aprox con caudal medio y hasta 3h 30′ o más con grupos que puedan sufrir vuelcos o vayamos parando a menudo. No recomendable con alto caudal. Consultadnos.


    • 6 pers .: 35 €;
    • Up to 16 pers: 28
    • Up to 29 pers: 26
    • More than 29 pers .: 24


    • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
    • Choice of single canoes, doubles, triple or even quadruple if you have kids.
    • Vests and paddles.
    • Expert guides accompanying throughout the route
    • Transportation back to the starting point
    • Insurance and permits to operate in the river.
    • And an amazing experience suitable for all