From Miravet to Benifallet

A magnificent landscape.

This tour, just like the one from Móra to Miravet, are the most touristic tours and it is due to something…

If you come in the harshest of summer or visit us with children, maybe this could not be the most recommended tour, but anyway, the Barrufemes gorge will delight you.

It is one of the most beautiful sections that can be done by kayaking on the Catalan Ebro. In fact, if we consider the silence, the Pándols and Cavalls mountain ranges and the Sierra de Cardó on their way to the sea, and you like that there are only riparian forests on the Ebro banks, we could say yes it is. You just need to know that when the river flow is low, physically it will be a bit more demanding.

Really whatching the Ebro river from the viewpoints of the C-12 road, this is where many people decide that the Ebro river cannot be a simple landscape and that the beautiful thing is to navigate it.
From there, we are impressed to watch the river below and, from the water, on the other hand, we are impressed by the walls of the Rocks of Besaculs or the Rock of the Hanged ones, which will mean that if you have not planned to bring your camera with you, it will be a pity. 

Our tour starts right in the middle of Miravet Meander and has no technical complication, it is very nice and pleasant, especially if the flow is high enough, since it will not be necessary to paddle so much. Ideal to do it in high flow time and during the morning, because in the afternoon, wind blowing could spoil the day.

We will get pleasantly surprised to be able to delve into the remains of an Arab mill or the islands of “Cateura” and “Nap” before reaching Benifallet. Our guides will tell you the story of the llaguts and the “Camí de Sirga” on the banks of the Ebro. If you want a beautiful photo with the Templar castle of Miravet in the background, none like the one you will take on this route from the river.

Duration approx: 2h 30 ‘to 3h. Depending on the pace and flow of the river. Recommended from 300 m3 / sec on.

The best from our canoe:

  • Tamarigar island. True biotope for birds.
  • Unique views of the Templar Castle Miravet and old town with its hanging houses.
  • Old Arab mill and remains of an ancient dam.
  • Penyagats Beach: Halfway through this route, it’s a good place to take a swim or eat something.
  • Roca dels Penjats (“of the hanged”) where in the Middle Ages were hung criminals, to chasten sailors.
  • Cateura Island: Plenty of oranges. It is a stretch with lush riparian forest.
  • Llaguter Bridge. Spectacular and historical bridge over the Ebro.
  • Benifallet village and beautiful views of Ports Mountain range.


  • Adults: 30 €;
    • Non-guided tour in low season: 25
  • Children under 14 y.o: 20 €;
    • Non-guided tour in low season: 15
  • Children under  8 y.o 5 €;
  • High Season:
    • 15 jun to 15 sept. Easter and holidays.
  • Great discounts for groups of more than 10 people


  • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
  • Choice of single kayaks , double, triple or quadruple if you have children.
  • Waterproof bin. Vests and paddles. Map for non-guided tours.
  • Photo report.
  • Graduate and expert guides accompanying throughout the route.
  • Transportation back to the starting point .
  • Insurance and permits to operate.
  • And an amazing experience suitable for all