From Flix to Vinebre

Where “Free Ebre” begins.

We call it “Free Ebre” as it is the first point where Ebro river flows without finding any dam or reservoir till the Mediterranean Sea. The current of the river helps us from Flix to paddle with less effort with our kayak or canoe.

This is also the newest route we offer, as until recently there was an obstacle in the river.  Now, there is a fun slide that also serves as a natural fishes passage.

So we have the route with the least visitors and an amazing environment, both for the riparian forest and for the fact of passing by the complex of the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant with its high cooling tower.

But it has other points of interest such as the Flix hydroelectric power station, the traditional wooden-boat crossing, the aforementioned slide, the Nuclear Plant itself, the panoramic view of the Ascó, village on a hill, the island of Ascó with the old sunken ferryboat, the natural environment of the lagoon of Ascó and the recreation area of ​​Vinebre on our arrival. Worth it, no doubt.

So this is the beginning of the “Free Ebro” after many kilometers of calm waters with no current stopped due to the Riba-roja and Mequinensa reservoirs.
This means that the stages of the descent of the Ebro in stages usually starts at Flix to reach the Ebro Mouth in 3 to 5 days, depending on whether you want more adventure or quieter stages.

El millor des del nostre kayak :

  • Traditional wooden ferryboat crossing.
  • Hidroelectric plant and former lock (boats tunnel)
  • Garden and fruit cultivation fields.
  • The slide !!
  • Ascó Nuclear Plant.
  • Ascó: village and castle.
  • Ascó Island. Sunken ferryboat.
  • Ascó Lagoon.
  • Vinebre rest area and playground.


  • Adults: 25 €;
    • Non-guided tour in low season: 15
  • Children under 14 y.o: 20 €;
    • Non-guided tour in low season: 15
  • Children under  8 y.o 5 €;
  • High Season:
    • 15 jun to 15 sept. Easter and holidays.
  • Great discounts for groups of more than 10 people


  • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
  • Choice of single kayaks , double, triple or quadruple if you have children.
  • Waterproof bin. Vests and paddles. Map for non-guided tours.
  • Graduate and expert guides accompanying throughout the route.
  • Transportation back to the starting point .
  • Photo report.
  • Insurance and permits to operate.
  • And an amazing experience suitable for all