From Vinebre to Móra


    The first tour at river Ebro.

    Really one of the most beautiful kayak outings on the Ebro, a beautiful descent from the Ebro. The upper part of the catalan Ebro hides amazing places. The little influx of visitors on this stretch of river, will enjoy a great natural environment that crosses the gorge of the Pas de l’Ase. 

    We say this is the “first route” because, if you want to come with Rogles Aventura and make a different stretch of river every time until you reach the Sea, this could be the first stage.

    We will leave the Vinebre jetty. The village we will find a little mora than half way is Garcia.
    At Garcia we will find a restored ferryboat crossing, and in summer the local swimming pools and bar service.

    After paddling through a spectacular riverbank forest we arrive at the so-called “Mora bucket”, the central plain of the region, where we will see an Ebro with all its current and splendor. Usually the flood during our tours, is a calm river that swings us on our paddling.

    It is noteworthy that, if the flow allows, the islands of this route are ideal. Some are small and hidden before the Pas de l’Ase, other ones because it hasn’t vegetation, allow us to have brunch in the middle of the river.

    And among the islands, the Subarreig Island is maybe one of the best on the Ebro to be visited by canoe. Really, it is an amazing corner of Catalonia that is very worthwhile …

    We will start in our kayak, canoe or canoe on the Vinebre jetty that is close to the village of the same name and well qualified for Ebro descent.

    Duration approx: 2h to 2h30 ′ depending on the rhythm and river flow.

    Estimated length:

    2h to 2h 30′ depending on the pace and the river flow.

    The best from our canoe:

    • Leaving from Asco instead of Vinebre : big Ascó island.
    • Pas de l’ Ase and Mirador Islands. Both small but nice to come in.
    • Gorge Pas de l’ Ase. Vertical rock walls falling on the Ebro .
    • Senyera Island.: With low river flow, great to relax, have brunch , swimming or group photo.
    • Garcia village. Great point to stop, and on summer have a drink or a swim in its pool.
    • Garcia ferryboat. Recently rebuilt. It crosses the river as ancient ones.
    • River Siurana’s Mouth, lush vegetation zone .
    • Railroad bridge
    • Subarreig Island . Just lovely for birdwatching.
    • 2 villages on our arrival: Móra d’Ebre on your right and Móra la Nova on your left.


    • Adults: 25 €
      • Low season and non-guided tour: 20 €
    • Children under 14 y.o: 20 €;
      • Low season and non-guided tour:  15 €
    • Children under  8 y.o for free;
    • High Season:
      • 15 jun to 15 sept. Easter and National Holidays.
    • Great discounts from 10 people groups or larger.


    • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
    • Kayak choice: Open or closed.
      • single kayaks , double, triple or quadruple if you have children.
    • Waterproof bin. Vests and paddles. Map on non-guided tours.
    • Graduate and expert guides accompanying throughout the route.
    • Transport back to the starting point .
    • Insurance and permits to operate.
    • And an amazing experience suitable for everybody.