From Garcia to Benissanet


    Canoeing at best Ebro islands

    A wonderful Ebro, calm and truly amazing. Beyond the narrow gorge of the “Pas de l’Ase”, the Ebro river basin is now entering Mora and widens forming islands like Galatxo and Subarreig: two true treasures that we enjoy from our canoe or kayac.

    In fact, this is one of the canoeing routes along the Ebro, more recommended from Rogles in spite of the 2 villages (starting and arrival points are not well-known)

    It includes the best you can find on the river Ebro: the calm of a giant river rocking you down with the current but the strenght of the Ebro, that puts you on alert, the best islands that now can be navigated by canoe in the Catalan Ebro: the Subarreig and the Galatxo Island.

    Also worthy  the 4 villages on this tour. The fact that Móra d’Ebre and Móra la Nova are located in the middle of our way, so it is great to stop for a drink and then go on the river down as a cruise by canoe.

    For nature lovers will be important to paddle in silence, as we see different species of birds. Furthermore, the riparian forest vegetation appears majestically contrasts with olive trees, almond or white pines beyond the river Ebro.

    If you chose this route with a guide, you sure hear from the Spanish Civil War and its bloody Battle of the Ebro, also dates back to the time of the Templars and even the Iberians as first settlers. In all these times, the river where you are paddling, played an important role.
    If you want to lodge in this area, just ask us to help you especially in the case you are at the Ebro Descent by stages.

    Estimated length: 2h to 2h30′ depending on the pace and river flow.

    The best from our canoe:

    • Garcia. It has a restored ferryboat to cross the Ebro.
    • River Siurana’s Mouth, leafy area.
    • Railway bridge and funny areas for paddling.
    • Subarreig island with its long channel that takes us to another world.
    • Mora la Nova beach and Mora d’Ebre’s jetty. Ideal for a stop or a visit.
    • Remains of the Moorish castle (XII) and the historic arched bridge in Mora d’Ebre, rebuilt after the Battle of the river Ebro.
    • Galatxo Island. Good for birdwatching and to see fishes due to the shallowness of this place.
    • Xano Island: Not always we will be able to come in, but the shore is fully green wooded.
    • The most important iberic settlement in the Ebro: Lo castellet de Banyoles. We will see what it was a natural harbour for iberics. 
    • Benissanet island.
    • Ginestar and Benissanet in boths shores of the river. Known for the sweet fruits (peaches, cherries…)
    • Adults: 25 €;
      • Non-guided tour in low season: 15
    • Children under 14 y.o: 20 €;
      • Non-guided tour in low season: 15
    • Children under  8 y.o always for free;
    • High Season:
      • 15 jun to 15 sept. Easter and holidays.
    • Great discounts for groups of more than 10 people
    • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
    • Choice of single kayaks , double, triple or quadruple if you have children.
    • Waterproof bin. Vests and paddles. Map for non-guided tours.
    • Graduate and expert guides accompanying throughout the route.
    • Transportation back to the starting point .
    • Insurance and permits to operate.
    • And an amazing experience suitable for all