Flix Meander

Kayak at the Ebro Meander.

Some say that since the Ebro river is born in Santander to the sea, there is a village that the river itself chose to calm down and contemplate it slowly. The spectacular 5 km Flix meander hugs the village and becomes an ideal tour for those who start canoeing in this beautiful natural area, since it is a tour in calm waters.

The construction of the reservoir (1948) meant that the meander usually had a low flow, since the water is diverted mainly to a hydroelectric power station. For those who will paddle, it will be great, because it means 5 km of still water. In fact, it is probable that we come across other canoes or the Club Nàutic Flix rowers, a tradition in rowing with llaüt (traditional boat), which uses this privileged area of the Ebro as a training area.

The Flix Meander is one of the most spectacular in the Ebro river. On the highest part of the hill that surrounds the river is the well-known Flix Carlist castle (which can be visited later). Also of note are the remains of the 17th century defensive system, visible from our canoe or kayak.

The meander is part of the Sebes Wild Fauna Nature Reserve and the Flix Meander. The Sebes area is located upstream of the reservoir and has a museum about the navigation of what was the Sirga Trail, several watchtowers and walkways for birdwatching through the wetland. We recommend a visit afterwards especially to see the horses in the wetlands.

On the banks of the river, there are many interesting historical points apart from the natural ones, which will allow us to spend a day of nature, swimming, sport, culture and the discovery of this very particular area of the Catalan Ebro river.
Right in the middle of the Meander, it is worth a visit to a complex with a 4-star hotel, hostel and even guest houses with direct access to the river: Vilar Riu de Baix.

Estimated length:

This route is usually offered without an accompanying guide at the water, but a full briefing beforehand. The duration is free: a whole morning or a whole afternoon.

The best from our canoe:

  • Old ferry boat: In the catalan Ebro, there are only two old ferry boats remaining: the one in Miravet and this one.
  • Last days of the Battle of the Ebro during the spanish Civil war: During this battle, an iron bridge was built and destroyed several times. The thing is that the last bombing of that bridge is considered the end of this bloody war.
  • “New Castle”: Interesting during the “carlinas” wars. It worths a visit.
  • Rocks. Several places to have a bath in the Ebro river and jump from the rocks.
  • Hotel and hostel: Vilar Riu de Baix
  • Iberic settlement: dated IX B.C.
  • Little chanel plenty of vegetation.
  • Recreative and forest area “Los Xops”.
  • Meander Path. There is the possibility to walk around the meander by foot or by bike.
  • Arrival jetty. Club Nautic Flix. You can visit the village. The castle; the air-raid shelter; ancient navigation museum; Natural Reserve or ancient oil moulin.


  • Children under  8 y.o 5
  • Children under 14 y.o: 17 €; 
  • Adults: 20 €  
  • Great discounts from 10 people groups or larger.


  • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
  • Choice of single kayaks , double, triple or quadruple if you have children.
  • Vests and paddles. Map.
  • Graduate and expert guides in the initial briefing.
  • Insurance and permits to operate.
  • And an amazing experience suitable for all