Mountains of Tivissa


    The mountains of mistery

    We are quite sure you don’t know this mountain range  near the Ebro River. One of the municipalities largest in Catalonia, where you will be able to view the entrance of the Ebro in Catalonia and at the same time (and 100 km. further south) the Ebro Delta. Steep cliffs with many possibilities of routes.

    Even pathways to see Neolithic cave paintings, climb Grau de Boquers (equipped path); the hermitage of Sant Blai and of course their main caves: the Llúdriga, the Gralla …

    The mountains of  Tivissa, is reputed mysterious. They have even reported UFO sightings or years earlier episodes of witchcraft. It has certainly contributed to it large dimensions of uninhabited territory, with traces of Iberian populations and the rugged terrain, but without any great remarkable height.

    It’s easy to find genuine Rasquera white goat grazing or even find fossils of sea shells.

    Here type radial routes crossing or adapted to your needs length and difficulty. Ideally, since you’re here also test our ferrata at Tivissa (Margarida and Foig), attached to the same village, both it, as the Iberian settlement of Castellet de Banyoles, certainly worths a visit.

    Our guides, natives of Tivissa, will explain all this and more, during the route.

    And if you allow us another tip, ideally cool afternoon with the activity of canoes on the Ebro.