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The mountains of silence

The Montsant it’s been declared a Natural Park. The mountains of silence in the heart of Tarragona. They emphasize its equipped paths (“Graus”) on the south side facing the Priorat region. It’s up to you: or  long crossing by the Serra Major, to circular routes with amazing caves and panoramic.

It adapts to your needs. You can choose from a circular path a few hours or a long journey with the best of the Sierra del Montsant in an whole day.

This mountains are west of the Sierra de Prades and east of Ribera d’Ebre and divided by the river Montsant. The main sectors are:

* Scala Dei and Morera de Montsant is the most recommended.

* Sector Cornudella. We emphasize a beautiful crossing between Cornudella and Morera past the spectacular “Grau of the 3 esglaons” and “Grau of Barrots”.

* Sector Margalef and Ulldemolins. Zone paradise rock climbing and spectacular scenery. It is the west side of the massif.

* Sector Vilella Baixa and Cabacés. Ideal to combine with this region of wine and beautiful villages.

* Sector Albarca. North

The maximum altitude of the massif is 1163, Rock Corbatera.

Tell us how long you have, your experience and interests and we will propose a routeadapted to you.

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