Peach trees blooming tour in Ebro area

In Ribera d’Ebre we offer 2 options:
1.- Fields of pink blossom peach trees in Flix. Guided bike routes on weekends at 11.00

The route usually lasts about 2 hours and includes crossing the traditional Flix ferry crossing on the Ebro River.

Rogles guides will explain everything related to the town, the region, the towns on the banks of the Ebro and of course the protagonist, the peach tree and its flowering.
2nd and 3rd photo from the side for more info.

2.- Fields of white blossom cherry trees in the Serra d’Almos.
The guided bike route lasts approximately 2 hours and is complemented at the end for those who want it with a tasting of white wine and honey and a talk by the farmer to learn more about the cherry.

4th photo from the side for more info.

See you in the pink sea !!
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