Peach trees blooming in Aitona (Lleida)

Route only available during flowering weeks. Normally end of February-March. It lasts only 3 weeks.


Spectacular bike route in an incomparable setting. The protagonists are the fruit trees that bloom in these weeks of March, turning the crop fields into an authentic Pink Sea.

It’s a easy route that can range between 7 and 13 km, depending on the fields that are most flowery. It is suitable for everyone. We even have strollers to add to your bike.
The route allows you to visit the beautiful hermitage of Sant Joan de Carratalà from which you can observe this spectacle in all its splendor.

Reserve your day for only 17 euros. Departures are at 9:45, 12:15 or 15:00.
Although you may find a place on the same day you visit Aitona, it is always better if you book us beforehand HERE.
For questions or more information: 977 410049 / 607775712 /
And finally, there is an option to taste jams and peach coca in a local farmhouse for only €8.90.

See you at the pink sea!!