Greenway in Terra Alta

The tunnels greenway.

Soft cycling down at the former railway wich linked Alcañiz and Tortosa is the main option in active tourism in this Ebro county: A greenway completely in soft way down; lovely villages; Canaletes river; wine and gastronomy and the most important in the long and dark tunnels, makes it a unique activity.

We suggest you do the bike tour down leaving north  and at the end, we take you back to your vehicle. The absence of light in many of the tunnels, has been one of the attractions of this Greenway : flashlight or headlamp are required!

Depending on your interests, skills and philosophy of business, you can choose the starting points (Arnes, Horta de Sant Joan or Bot meanly) and of course, the arrival point (Pinell de Brai, Benifallet, Xerta or even Tortosa).

Green Way offers many attractions so that you can take only one hour and a half or even two days by bike.

Ideal for those not already  used to the bike because it has no complication and also for those who want a natural setting in the beautiful, lonely and peaceful Terra Alta route.

Interesting our 4 days trip (2 by bike and 2 by canoeing) from Alcaniz till reaching the Mediterranean Sea). Just ask us about.

The best from Green Way:

  • Awesome infrastructure that was only 16 years running.
  • Ruins of stations as remnants of an ambitious railway project.
  • About 42 tunnels !! Leaving from Arnes.
  • Historical village of Arnes (the municipality is the first in Renaissance)
  • Horta de Sant Joan. The flagship of the Green Way. The Picasso Museum and medieval village worths a visit.
  • Profile of the mountain of Santa Barbara and convent of Sant Salvador.
  • Bot. The only village sited directly to the Greenway and Prat de Comte village.
  • Fontcalda Sanctuary. Sources with hot water that give it its name. Canaleta River. Ermita, hostel, bar and picnic area. If swimming season, this is the place!
  • Village of Pinell de Brai. Its Wine Cathedral was built by César Martinell (disciple of Gaudí)
  • Benifallet station. Bar, restaurant, hostel.
  • Xerta dam on the river Ebro and Xerta station.



Horta Sant Joan to Benifallet
or from Bot to Xerta 

  • From 2 to 7 people: 25 €
  • From 8 to 15 people: 22 €
  • From 16 to 25 people: 18 €
  • More than 25 people: 16 €
  • Look prices leaving or arriving from other locations.
  • Pick up and return transport ;
  • Bikes and helmets;
  • Briefing into mechanical, security and touristic. 
  • Accident insurance.
  • NO flashlight included