GR 99


    GR 99 is a long way path. It follows the whole river Ebro until the Mediterranean Sea. 

    In Catalonia, the GR 99 also known as Sirga path. As follows the entire stretch of river, are therefore multiple possibilities of cycling tours that we can propose to you.

    The GR 99 runs along the river. You can imagine there will not be too gradient on the way and most of the time you’ll cycle on a dirt road. So, if you chose to do a route in stages, the GR99 will  be an easy way to accumulate kilometers without much effort, but also points with some difficulties, even a small portage, for example between the Ascó and Garcia.

    The most common if you have just one day, is beginning in Sebes Nature Reserve in Flix to the village of Mora d’Ebre or maybe Miravet..

    For two days trip, we recommend keeping the starting point  and finishing in Tortosa.

    These are the main attractions in a 1 or 2 days trip:

    * The Sebes Nature Reserve;
    * Pas de l’Ase is a spectacular gorge to the village of Garcia, with his ferry boat restored;
    * The village of Móra d’Ebre;
    * Crossing Benissanet fruit trees (cherry or peach trees. Awesome if you go during flowering season);
    * The medieval village of Miravet with its Templar Castle and its iconic ferry wooden boat passage;
    * Crossing the gorge Barrufemes and watch from above the riverside forest that accompanies the silent river to Benifallet bridge;
    * The village of Xerta, with its arabic dam and its tasty orange trees;
    * The arrival to the city of Tortosa, from the Greenway known for its tunnels

    The entire GR 99, consists in 1200 km divided into 42 stages by foot. Obviously, cycling is faster though it depends on your physical condition and how  you combine tourism and sport.