Bike + kayak


    Proposal whole day:

    BIKE: Route Nature Reserve Sebes Flix. Here you can see the past and watchtowers on wetlands; But the information center of the Director; Interpretation Centre of Towpath; But of Storks and “islets” Ebro River Road Riba-roja d’Ebre.
    You can complete your visit in the same village with 3 places which worth a visit: the bomb shelter of the Battle of the Ebro; “carlista” castle or an old oil mill.
    KAYAK: Meander Flix route around the town of Flix in a very pleasant stroll ideal if you go with children or is your first contact with a kayak or canoe.
    Price: € 28 adults; Under 14 € 23 € 15 children under 8 years.
    Contact us for bed and breakfast.

    Proposal 2 days:

    KAYAK: Route descent of the Ebro between Mora and Miravet (you can choose another one). Route that has everything: islands, current areas of calm, nature, see Miravet castle from the water, not traditional boat; town halfway to rest ….
    BIKE: Unquestionably the Vía Verde Terra Alta is the choice of bike. The old railway is paved and provides a long gentle slope and see different places such as Fontcalda (church and warm waters) or closer to villages like Horta de Sant Joan, Pinell de Brai, Xerta …
    Price: 120 € 4 people and groups. or more: € 99 / person. including: MP in house; all internal transport requirements, kayaks, bikes and helmets; introductory sessions; guides, vehicle assistance and accident insurance. Discounts for children.

    Proposal 4 days:

    1st day: Descent canoe Ebro Vinebre to Miravet. Accommodation house.
    2nd day: Descent canoe Miravet Ebro Tortosa. Hotel accommodation.
    3rd day: Bicycle route Greenway Terra Alta to Bot. Accommodation house.
    4th day: Bicycle route Greenway from Terra Alta Bot Valjunquera or to Alcaniz.
    An unforgettable journey. Internal transport included. Ask us about meals.
    Price: € 70 excluding accommodation or meals.