'Rogles', in the Ebro slang means little space, little corner

And that’s what we re, a small place in the river Ebro in an unusual land, surrounded in wild nature and (still) little touristic area.

And we aspire to become in your little disconnecting place, with fun and emotions where you will enjoy pure nature and river Ebro.



Irene is Technician in canoeing guiding. Passionate of adventure sports and active tourism. She will become a gurantee of fun while you are paddling, biking or climbing a ferrata… 
Irene is not only the soul of the company; she is who make the Rogles project born, with her enthusiasm and tenacity and passion for sport and mainly the nature.


Degree in Physical education and experienced in adventure sports and tourism. He’s from Flix and knows this land well, ancient customs, mores and legends. 
Physical education teacher and long experience in athletics. He is the other soul in Rogles, and certainly he will help you to discover the 'Rogles' (hidden places) in this land.


Dani is technician in 'Driving groups in the nature', also technician in sport activities; and canoeing specialist. ALso is a teacher degree.
If you have him as a guide, you will have the animation assured. He is from la Palma d'Ebre and also he is in love of this land.


Ricard was from the city, but he fell in love from Tivissa and now it is an ‘ebrenc’ more. Technician in hiking, is a great connoisseur of all the paths and tracks in Llaberia, Montsant, Tivissa… Expert in maps and rock-climbing installation. If you go with him in a ferrata or in hike tour, you have also the guarantee of knowing this area in another way.


David is an expert canoeist. Born in Flix is well known the river Ebro and has that vitality of youth that is fortunately contagious. Although he knew the world of the canoeing competition, nowadays he enjoys paddling on any of the routes along the river and you'll be fortunate if he accompanies you in any way down the Ebro.


Joan Maria is technician in 'Driving groups in the nature’, also as a hiking guide. Nowadays getting speciallity in canyoning. He is from Els Reguers, a village near the Ebro, so that he will make you love this mountains and this river.


Albert: Xol for friends. He is a Ebro lover, not only because he is born in Flix, where the Ebro passes twice, ibut for years in rowing training. Xol is also technician in canoeing and as a guide. Also loves children so he is now studying in childhood education. So, Xol as your guide, is a guarantee to have a good time and safety.


Jordi holds a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Experienced climber, mountain ultrafondo racer and adventure raids. It is what is technically called a machine. But the best thing is that if you take him by the ferrata routes of Montblanc, Rojals or Vilaplana you have the guarantee that he is from l'Espluga de Francolí and a great connoisseur of the area.


Óscar is from Móra la Nova. He loves all activities in nature and is a technical guide in the natural environment. Living next to the Ebro river has made the world of kayaking and canoeing one of his passions. Nowadays is currently studying related to sport. One of our youngest guides and plenty of vitality.


Joel is technician in canoeing guiding. As a ‘white waters’ lover, Ebro river has no secrets for him. 
Either into the waters of the Cinca; Segre or Ebro, Joel is a guarantee of smiles and also safety if you go with him. And of course, you will learn a little bit more of your technique. From Lleida.


Technician in canoeing guiding. As a White waters lover, Ebre river has no secrets for him. Either if you are in the Cinca river brave waters or either in the Ebre, he is a safety guarantee and you will enjoy your tour. 
Also, you can find him as a archery guide or even guiding you in a ferrata. He is from Vall-de-roures.


Maria is from Tivissa and raised in these mountains, and for the ferrata climbing or walking tours, nobody better than a experienced local like the nice Maria to learn about this territory. 
She knows well Montsant, Cardó or Ports. She is technician in Groups Driving in Nature. Also technician in hiking.