GR 99

GR 99

GR 99 is a long way path. It follows the whole river Ebro until the Mediterranean Sea. In Catalonia, the GR 99 also known as Sirga path. As follows the entire stretch of …

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Axe throwing

We highly recommend our new activity. Test your skills and with our monitors you will see how fast you learn. You will know the technique to throw at 1 lap, at a …

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Activity agenda

Usually the minimum group to carry out the activities is just 2 people. Do not hesitate in calling us to choose your activity. You can also join the activities already programmed.  KAYAK …

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The mountains of silence The Montsant it’s been declared a Natural Park. The mountains of silence in the heart of Tarragona. We recommend its equipped paths (known as “Graus”) on the south …

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Los Ports

Los Ports de Tortosa - Beceite

The great Natural Park at the South Most hikers who know the Natural Park of the Ports de Tortosa-Beceite, surely agree that is the great forgotten natural area  in Catalonia. Filled with …

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Priorat and Llabería

Priorat y Llabería

Inland Tarragona by foot. Unknown mountain range that is strategically located near the coast. It highlights the beautiful uninhabited nucleus of Llabería, the Mola de Colldejou, the summit of the Miranda and …

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Run, think and get full of nature Orienteering games or races are ideal  to really know an area. If you do not want the “noise” of a hiking trail, if you want to …

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Slow down, look for yourself and shot ! Archery develops in us not only important psychological factors, but also physical. After playing archery some times, this sport deepens inside us and we …

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River descent by stages

Travesías en kayak por etapas

Whole day proposal: We suggest you two different tours at the Ebro river: Between Vinebre and Miravet or between Móra and Benifallet. Also going further south it is possible between Miravet and Tortosa. Depending on …

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Bike + kayak

Bicicleta + kayak

Proposal whole day: BIKE: Route Nature Reserve Sebes Flix. Here you can see the past and watchtowers on wetlands; But the information center of the Director; Interpretation Centre of Towpath; But of …

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Make your own activities mix

Haz tu combinación de actividades

Combina entre: Rutas en kayak o piragua. Escalada en vias ferratas. Rutas en bicicleta (Via Verde, Reserva Natural de Sebes …) Padel Surf (SUP) Tiro con arco Senderismo Juegos de orientación.

Wine and kayak

Wine en kayak

Wine tasting and kayak tour. We will combine a wine tasting and a visit to the Suñer wineries with a gentle descent by kayak or canoe on the Ebro between the villages of …

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Flix Meander

Meandro de Flix

Kayak at the Ebro Meander. Some say that since the Ebro river is born in Santander to the sea, there is a village that the river itself chose to calm down and …

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